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Starfish Atlanta Sushi Restaurant

Since March 2006, Starfish Restaurant has been providing its patrons and guests with the best sushi in Atlanta. We promote both the numerous health benefits and the exquisite taste of sushi. We never compromise on the authenticity, quality, and taste of our ingredients, acquiring the freshest fish from all over and using organic ingredients whenever possible.

Most of our fish are wild-caught and delivered to us daily. They are packed with special care, most of which are never frozen from the moment they are caught, even from as far as Japan, until they are delivered to us, and our shellfish are still alive when they arrive.

We are proud of our vast selection of fish, ranging from the more well-known maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), and otoro (fatty tuna) to some of the rarer choices, such as madai (Japanese red snapper) and kanpachi (young yellowtail). We also offer our guests with daily and seasonal specials that are constantly changing. In addition, we distinguish ourselves from the other sushi restaurants with our original creations, like tuna tataki (Cajun tuna) and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (spicy tuna roll topped with beef tataki, avocado, and our special sauce).

Our guests can enjoy a more enjoyable experience by accompanying our fresh sushi with a selection from our long list of wine and sake. And if you feel a little adventurous, you can take advantage of our sake sampler and explore a new world of wine from the Far East. With our freshest fish, delicious wines, and a relaxing, easy-going atmosphere, we are sure that you’ll be able to enjoy the best sushi dining experience in town.

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